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Wylde Ivy is known for its marvelous hand poured soap but it also carries other bath and body products and tarts. It has one of the nicest packaging of all the etailers I’ve tried. The website is gorgeous and easy to navigate. WI doesn’t have all scents available in every products to keep a very short turn around time, except for the Scents of the month.

Perfumed oil in Blackberry Cotton candy:
From the site: Juicy ripe Blackberries bursting with flavor mixed with sweet pink Cotton Candy makes an outstanding combo and a bestseller!
I say: It is a very true cotton candy scent, sweet and tooth aching. The scent is light and I had to reapply many times through the day. I’ve seen better in lasting power.

Monoi Intensive Sudz and Zoft:
From the site: Monoi de Tahiti is frequently used by the native Tahitian as a pre shampoo conditioner. It adds luster, moisture, and softness to even the driest hair types.
I say: These are solid shampoo and conditioner that come in a tin with a non-waterproof label (Be warned…I’ve ruined my labels within the first shower). It’s like a bar of soap that you rub in your hair and it’s supposed to lather like a normal shampoo. It’s true that it leaves your hair shiny and smooth but you have to work very hard to achieve that. First, it doesn’t foam so I didn’t know if I’ve rubbed the sudz enough or not. Then, after the shower you have to let the bars dry before putting them back in the metal tin. I travel a lot and even though the idea of a solid hair care set is very appealing, I can’t imagine having the time and patience to care properly for these products in a hotel room before rushing to a meeting.

All Olive lotion in Tuscan Garden:
From the site: One of the most unique and fresh scents we’ve come across in awhile. Imagine standing on a Mediterranean Vista with swirls of lush greens, sparkling fruits, Jasmine & Violets, and of coarse, Olive Blossoms surrounding you on a warm summer breeze.
I say: I don’t usually enjoy green scent, but this one is very nice. It has a bit of everything: fruity, green, clean and floral. The lotion is lightly scented and you certainly have to layer with a perfume. It’s not really moisturizing but it would be perfect for summer time. It leaves a powdery feeling after drying.

All Olive lotion in Sticky:
From the site: If you loved brightly colored sugar candy, giant swirled lollipops, and sticky cotton candy as a child, this is the scent for you. A blending of spun sugar, candied fruits, and a hint of sweet vanilla.
I say: Again, the scent is very light. It complements my Blackberry cotton candy very well. It smells just like a candy. It’s a fun scent, now I just wish it was stronger!

Shea Butter Lip Balm in Cotton candy:
From the site: If sweet, sugary, pink spun sugar is your secret obsession, then this sweetened lip balm is for you. Pink cotton candy straight from the fair.
I say: The texture is a bit grainy but it goes on very easily. It’s thick and packed with good emollients. The taste is good, even though it’s very light, which can be a good thing.

Summer Fling soap:
From the site: Aloe and Shea Butter Soap. Well, if you ever smelled a scent that made you want to pull on a sundress, kick off your shoes, and head to the beach, this would be it! Pure summery sweetness that lingers softly on your skin, this soap is fabulous!
I say: I’m not a soap person but I’m 100% willing to do an exception with Wylde Ivy. This soap is beyond word! It glides marvelously on the skin and it lathers a lot. And even better, it is so moisturizing that I don’t need to put lotion afterward. This scent is very natural, fruity and fresh.

Wylde Ivy Website 

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