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Scentual pleasures

Scentual pleasures

Scentual Pleasures was having a huge sale so I decided to try them for the first time. I needed scrubs, moisturizers (I almost eat lotion!) and shower gel, as I like to collection them. Their labels are very cute and waterproof with a homemade feel to it.

Ordered: Thursday August 31st
Shipped: Friday September 8th
Received: Monday September 18th

The scents I got are wickedly sweet. They are very strong scented products. Make sure to ask for light or medium intensity if you’re sensitive.

I got 4 times 2oz. whipped cream:

Cotton candy cupcake: Amazingly strong! I applied in the morning and could still smell it at night. Very long lasting power. Cupcake smell with a little cherry and almond note to it.

Brown sugared fudge: Very strong too. Very true brownie smell, even with a tad of walnut on top 🙂 Me likey a lot!

Cafe Borgia: I’m a sucker for coffee smell and this one is amazing. It smells a bit like Push-Up bra from MMU, which I’m an avid fan. I definitely get chocolate here also…citrus and floral very very far away.

Snow fudge: Straight chocolate smell with nut and alota vanilla. But I prefer brown sugared fudge…

I also got Wedding cake shower syrup. The shower wash leaked even thought it was sealed. So my label is all mushy 🙁 The smell is really nice. I never smelled a wedding cake before but it’s very sweet just like I love.

Then I got Cookie dough scrub in Pink sugar cookie. It’s a very dense paste with fine scrubbing sugar. It certainly is a fun product to use. Not runny at all and not overly oily. At first, I got Pink Sugar and no cookie, but after curing the two scents are equal. It is fabulous! Funny fact while scrubbing, my boyfriend asked if I was eating cookies in the shower LOL

Finally, Sugar coated scrub in Old fashion Ice cream cone. That’s it I’m in love all over again! I’m a sucker for overly sweet vanilla. Not for the faint hearted here ladies. It is very strong and decadent. It’s a scrubbier scrub than the cookie dough with more grains.

As extras, I got “Lick the beaters” perfume sample. Very strong and sweet also, with a tad of spices. I had to reapply twice in the day only!! That’s a very good staying power. Will complement my Old fashion ice cream cone. I also got Tupelo bar whipped shea. I think it’s a new product. It reads on the website: Brown sugar and oats cookie with a decadent chocolate filling. I also smell a little cinnamon. It must be coming from the oats cookie. This scent is not my cup of tea. The whipped shea is really moisturizing and not greasy.

Also, I got 3$ off my next order and a spatula.

You can check out Scentual Pleasures products here

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