My Little Black Box content and review

The Little Black Box is a box full of samples from different etailers. It goes on sale every few months for a price of 22.50$, shipping included in USA or Canada. This was the content of my box for this month:

My Little Black Box

Charssi Spoon Fudge in White chocolate-rose 2 oz. (value of 5$)
Yum this is so good! It’s a very smooth fudge that you eat with a spoon. I already ate it just after taking the picture LOL

Link to Charssi

SBS Teas in Absolutely Fabulous 1 oz. and in Cocoa Aztec Gold 1 oz. (a value of 3.85$ each) and a 15% off coupon
Absolutely Fabulous is marvelous. It smells like chocolate and tastes sweet without sugar. I drink tea everyday and I will certainly reorder.
The cocoa is amazing! It’s spicy and sweet at the same time. Mixed with milk, it’s perfect for cuddling on the coach after a long day at work.

Link to SBS Teas

Bath bomb from Juniper Tree in Pink Grapefruit & Sugar cane 5 oz. (value of 4$) with a 20% off coupon with order of 25$ or more
I like the fact that it’s made with organic shea butter and organic coconut oil. The scent is very true to the fruit on cold sniff. Now I can’t wait to try it in my bath!

Link to Juniper Tree

Pumpkin Cheesecake Tart from Candles, Melts and more, an ebay store, 2 oz.
Wozah! This is a strong tart. My whole appartment smells like pumkin spices now. I will surely check her other scents. They cost about 0.70$ each + exact shipping. What a steal!

Link to Candles, Melts and more

2 bags of samples (euh?) from The Ivy Keep, one containing a pin, creme vanilla and creme strawberry perfume vial and the other one containing again creme strawberry, sugar cookie and Maple cream perfume. I also got a code for 20% off my order. This etailers sell other stuff than B&B like games, teas, medieval inspired trinkets and preserves. It also carries Villainess soaps. I’m not fond of these perfumes. The smell is generic, nothing extraordinary.

Link to The Ivy Keep

Apple Rose butter beans bath fizzies from Vintage Body Spa and a code for free shipping. This smells amazing and very unusual, like a rose dipped in candy coating. This is not an “old lady” scent like most of roses smells.

Link to Vintage Body Spa

Bohemia Bath samples in Egyptian Musk and peach & lotus blossom perfume vials, plus a Clean me aloe & olive soap sample in Tahitian vanilla and a 20% off coupon code. The soap smells amazing and the perfumes are strong. I LOVE all my samples and I will certainly use my coupon to order.

Link to Bohemia Bath

Things that make scents’ Apple Pie Fixins and 2 soy tealights in Sugar cookie and Autumn Wreath, plus a coupon for 25% off my order. I can’t find infos on the Apple pie Fixins on the site but it’s like potpourri in tule. I guess you put it in drawer to refresh your clothes. The tealights are nice on cold sniff but they only have an average throw.

Link to Things that make Scents

Fremont freesia Fantasy soy tealight from Sparkle Puss. The scent is perfumey and clean. I like it very much and it fits very well for a home scent.

Link to Sparkle Puss

Mor Passionfruit body butter and scrub and Pure turquoise lotion and perfume spray from the Sample Queen, an ebay store. Wow I never heard about the Sample Queen but it’s a fantastic idea! You can buy sample size of expensive retail products for a few bucks before commiting to the big thing. Unfortunaly, the store is empty for now.

Link to the Sample Queen

Flannel Pajamas body butter from Lathers & Lights 1.5 oz and a 20% off coupon code. The sample is huge! This body butter leaves a greasy film so I won’t purchase, but the smell is interesting. It’s a clean scent with a sweet twist, like buttercream on a Downy sheet!

Link to Lathers & Lights

White Musk-L type perfume oil sample from Subtle Scents. It’s a earthy and woody musk scent with sandalwood. I’m sure it would fit both sexes.

Link to Subtle Scents

Link to buy The Little Black Box

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2 Responses to “My Little Black Box content and review”

  1. LolaLeRoi says:

    I am so jealous!!! I was lucky enough to win the SBS Teas box, but so many of the things I got had sage or lavender, and I had to give ’em to pals. This box sounds sooooo good! Congrats, and thanks for sharing.

  2. karebear00099 says:

    I just want to say that I love your site and it is very helpful. I love the honest and thorough reviews and the pictures. Thank you!

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