MMU Cosmetics bath and body products review

With over a month of turn around time, the wait for a MMU order is excruciating but it’s always well worth it. MMU is pricier than some, yet a good value for your money considering the quality and the scent options. There is always some sort of specials going on. Check out the bargain bin for products of the month at $2 off.

Sugar Puss scrub in Cappuccino
From the site: A rich and strong Fresh Brewed Coffee (think espresso) with Heavy Cream and White Sugar. This scent is extra fabulous in any of the scrubs!
I say: Cappuccino is a perfect “pick-me up” scent for your morning shower when you don’t feel like going to work. It’s comforting, strong but cuddly. Like the description says, it sure is heavy on the cream.
As for the Sugar Puss, it’s one of my favorite scrubs from MMU, gentle enough for everyday use. It’s a very tick paste the consistency of natural shea butter with just a few grains. It foams when rubbed with no need to wash afterward. It’s a very nice polisher that adds the finishing touch to a perfectly glowing skin. I love it!

Coco Cha Cha Chai in State of shea body wash
From the site: Coconut Cream smoothly and sweetly heightened by Coconut Milk and Sweet Milk. Pour in the warm, wonderful Chai, and drizzle some Vanilla Glaze and Dulche de Leche, and we’ve got one amazing scent that will knock your socks off! ~EMS
I say: As I wrote before, Chai is such a spicy and strong smell that I prefer to tone it down with a sweet touch. I think that coconut (or cranberry) is the perfect addition to spicy scents so I’m swooned. Also, the vanilla adds an interesting dimension.
As for the body wash, it’s very nice if used on a poof. It lathers well and the scent lingers. The consistency is very creamy and thick. I was never let down by any MMU body washes.

Lavish Creme de corps in Cranberry Spiced Chai

From the site: What a fabulous sniff! Warm, cozy, and creamy! This is Chai latte with a gorgeous Cranberry Spice twist. The fruity hit of Cranberry and spices makes this Chai sniff so special and oh so good! This is not an overly spicy sniff, but just right in every sense of the word! A new staff favorite! Thanks to our wonderful MMU fiend, Brianne for this sensational sniff! ~EMS
I say: Like coconut, cranberry is a wonderful scent to add to Chai. This is a formidable Chai sniff as the cranberry tone it down and the cream makes it sweeter. Chais are tricky smells, but this one is very equilibrated. I would also recommend it in home fragrance for the Holidays.
The Lavish creme de corps is a very light cream, like a souffle, but extra moisturizing. Why bother with greasy stuff when this cream does the job and feels great!

Jojoba-E body lotion in Push-Up Bra
From the site: Get a little lift from this ultra sexy sniff! This lavish scent, if it were actually a sexy push-up bra, would have loads of comfort (Buttercream accord, Vanilla infused with Pear), mysteriously sweet charms (Honeyed, Belgian Chocolate and Cream accord), and put out dangerously seductive curves (Amber, Sandalwood)! Like the Push-Up Bra, this scent will get you noticed! ~EMS
I say: Oh my Holy Cannoli!!!! I just found a treasure!!! It’s a very sexy chocolate smell for grown-ups only, a foody smell in high heels. It seems to trigger a flood of reactions from the opposite sex. In a word, it drives them WILD! It’s neither sweet nor sugary, it’s 100% pure oestrogen in a bottle.
The Jojoba-E body lotion is amazing too. It has a light consistency but it’s not runny, and it’s very moisturizing. It absorbs really quickly and it’s not greasy at all, so amazing as a hand lotion.

Have a bath or shower body wash in Lea’s Sister
From the site: Now, we’ve got something amazing here! This is by far one of our proudest creations since On The Heavens and Chai! Lea’s Sister is just a gorgeous coming together of the most sensuous notes like Blue Musk, Vanille Absolut, Chocolat Fonce, sweet Amaretto, and others we simply cannot reveal, but trust us when we tell you it is gorgeous, slightly heady, and sweet. If you’re a fan of the St. Barth Lea sniff, give this one a try! It’s a beautiful compliment to it. ~EMS
I say: I like it a lot! Chocolat Fonce means dark chocolate, so I mostly get unsweetened cocoa. It’s unusual and I would even recommend it to someone who doesn’t like foody scents.
Have a bath or shower is fabulous. It doubles as a bubble bath and a shower wash. It’s very creamy and thick and it has a milky consistency. It’s one of the most moisturizing body wash from MMU and I love that it foams a lot.

To be continued…

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