Lemon Bay Soap co. grab bag review

Lemon Bay soap co.

Ordered: September 29th
Shipped: October 4th
Received: October 12th

I wanted to order from Lemon Bay Soap co. since a long time but I never did because I wasn’t sure if I would like the packaging. I know not to judge a book by its cover so when I saw the grab bag on sale for $10, I just had to try this etailer. I received a bunch of products, well worth what I paid for. A grab bag is a surprise, you don’t get to pick your scents, but with Lemon Bay you can choose the category. Of course, me being me, I got the Foody/Fruity fragrances. Here is what I got in my grab bag:

4 oz. Conditioner in Fresh Lemon Pie with meringue (scent discontinued)
My conditioner has white particles in it like cottage cheese. Eewww!

1oz. Talc in Lemon drop (no scent description available)

2 Bath Salts in Vanilla Wafer (scent discontinued) and in Mango Papaya (no scent description available). This product is not available anymore.

2 oz. Aloe & Goat’s milk lotion in Tarte au Citron Laura Mercier type (no scent description available). This lotion has been reformulated, because the ingredients are not the same anymore.

2 oz. Goat’s milk lotion in Spumoni (scent discontinued).
I think it’s the old version because the ingredients are different. I love this product! It’s on the heavy side for a lotion, very moisturizing but not greasy and it absorbs well. I used it on my hands and I got many compliments on the softness of my skin.

2 oz. Cool Mist Body Spray in Vanilla Rum Raisin (scent discontinued)

5 oz. Glycerin soap in Buttercream Yankee candle type (no scent description available)

3 oz. Glycerin soap in Pink Sugar type (no scent description available)

2 Soy-Beeswax tarts in Hazelnut (no scent description available) and in Chocolate covered strawberries (no scent description available).

2 oz. Shea Her Glow face polisher

This is a lot of stuff for $10 even if half of it is discontinued. I certainly got a good bang for my buck and I think I will reorder the Goat’s milk lotion.
One thing I don’t like…the labels! They look homemade and printed on a bubble jet. Some are even secured with clear tape over them. This is surprising considering Lemon Bay soap co. has a brick and mortar store in Florida. I would expect a more professional look from them. Also another thing that bugs me is that on the website, not all scents have description. I am already buying unsniffed so I would like to have at least an idea of what it smells like, the name only is not enough.

Lemon Bay soap co. website

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