Elementals review part 2

Anne, the owner of Elementals was generous enough to send a box full of goodies for me to try. Here is the rest of my review:

Luxury Face Cream in Satin sheets: My sample tended to separate so I had to mix it with my finger before applying. Also, it made my face shine so I recommend it to people with serious dry skin or for mature skin. I will use the rest of my sample on my body.

Silky Body Butter in Clean: Wow! This is an amazing moisturizer and the scent uber-fabulous! My skin literally felt like silk and it’s non-greasy. The texture of the cream is like pudding. It sinks right in and the scent lingers all day. I applied on my hands and legs in the morning and I receive 2 compliments on my scent this day ☺

Luxury Hand & Body Cream in Pink Sugar type: Elementals’ Pink Sugar is amazing! I applied this cream on my legs in the morning and I smelled like I sprayed myself with perfume. And the scent stayed strong all day! This is seriously cost-effective, because I didn’t need to layer. This cream is light, fresh and non-greasy. A must-have!

Peppermint tart 1 oz.: My tart came in a plastic bag with 3 cute stars pins. The scent was subtle and it smelled like Peppermint Essential oil.

Double sugar scrub in Pink Grapefruit: This costs 10$ for 16 oz. Nice, that’s a lot of scrub! The oil separates from the sugar so you have to mix it before applying. It is very scrubby and packed with good oils. Some of the oil will stay after so it’s better to wash after scrubbing. The scent is very true, both sweet and acid.

Headache Relief stick: This is an all-natural stick with menthol, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils mixed with beeswax that you apply on the temples to relieve headache. I used to apply Tiger Balm before but this smells ten thousand times better, like a Christmas candy cane. I felt like the product heated my temples but it’s refreshing at the same time. I also had the feeling I breathed better, certainly due to the fact it contains eucalyptus oil. And it worked! I applied as soon as I felt the beginning of a headache and again when the heating sensation disappeared and my headache was gone! So much better then popping a pill!

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Bar: Can I scream? THIS SOAP IS FANTASTIC! It is 4oz. for $3.75, such a bargain for a goat’s milk soap this size! It is huge! As I said before, I’m not a soap person but I will never grow tired of using this product. The scent is very natural, and the ground oats gently exfoliates. The lather is creamy and it rinses off well without stripping the skin. This bar will last forever if you keep it dry between uses. Hurry, as of now, there’s only 4 bars left on the site.

Luxury salt scrub in Michael Kors type: This is a scrub with huge salt grains. I tried this scrub for the first time in my shower standing up: big mistake! The grains kept falling and I didn’t had time to scrub a thing before they were in the tub. So the next time, I tried it lying in my bath and this time it worked well. It is also a 2-in-1 because the grains act as bath salts. It takes a long time to dissolve but it leaves the water beautifully scented and moisturizing. Like any other scrubs I tried from Elementals, the oil separates, so I have to mix it before use and it is oily, so it’s better to use a different scrub if you have body acne. But for my dry winter skin, this is delectable.

Fresh Cut Roses Bath Tabs: These are little fizzies that look like candies. They fizz for a long time and leaves the water beautifully scented and gently colored. It is not oily and you can have 2 baths with this box that costs $3, so it’s more economical than using a bath bomb.

Pink Grapefruit Fizzing Bath Salts: This is made with Sodium Bicarbonate, citric acid and coarse sea salt (ask it to be scented with essential oil and with no coloring for an all-natural product). It fizzes just a little bit before dissolving. The salt disappears quickly, which I prefer because I don’t like having salt grains scratching my butt in the tub 🙂

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