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Elementals is a rather new etailer on the block. It offers an extensive line of products, ranging from bath and body to candles, facial products and aromatherapy. Most of the products I’ve tried are all natural with no chemical additives. The packaging is simple, with white waterproof labels. The owner, Anne, answers to email very quickly and she is very nice to deal with. She changed her oil supplier not long ago and I can say that her dupes are good.

EmuZing Lip Balm: This is an all natural lip balm that only contains Emu Oil, Cocoa Butter, Soy and Paraffin Waxes. It comes in a little glass jar. The texture is very smooth with no grainy feeling. It doesn’t have an offensive smell or taste.

The great face! polish: This is very scrubby for a face product but because it’s packed with good oil, it’s not harsh on my sensitive skin. Again, all of the ingredients are naturals. Expect the oil to separate because there are no chemical additives in it. This is how I use it (I have sensitive skin, occasional breakout, normal to dry): In my shower, I remove my make-up, scrub, than wash with a mild cleanser (mine is Cetaphil). I don’t need moisturizer after this regimen (I never thought this possible !) because the good oil of the scrub sinks right in my skin. This scrub hasn’t made me breakout.

Sleepy Time Stick: This is a very cool product in Elementals Aromatherapy line. It’s a stick packed with good quality lavender essential oil that you rub onto your temple or wrists before sleeping. Before no time, you’ll be in Sleepyland. For a scent maniac like myself, having a fragrance for nighttime is now a necessity. How did I live without it?

Aluminum Tin Candle in Banana Nut Bread: This is my first candle in a tin and it’s a winner! The tin is very stylish and there is no mess with wax dripping like a regular candle. It burns for a long time and releases a soft but noticeable smell. The banana nut bread throw is very comfy and welcoming. It is perfect for those cold fall days.

Perfume Roll-On in Michael Kors type and Victoria VS type: These roll-ons have an amazing staying power and Elementals dupes are excellent!

After Shower Moisturizing Mist in Snow Angels Yankee type: Wooza! This mist is strong. I sprayed in the morning and I could still smell it at night.

Scented sachet in Flowerbomb type: This is a gold organza draw-string sachet bag, filled with scented beads, to scent closed space like a closet or a drawer. I used to put soaps in my drawers but these are much more practical and cute.

To be continued…

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  1. Yoonme says:

    Howdy! This is Yoonme from the MUA message boards. I just wanted to leave a comment and say that you have great reviews, very thorough. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for posting the link. The only bad part about your blog is that you make me want to buy more stuff! Darn you! haha =P


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