Bobe order

Bobe bath essentials is a Canadian etailer who specializes in suds, moisturizers, hair care and lip balm. She doesn’t sell tart or scrubs but she has the nicest labels of all the etailers I’ve tried!

Bobe order

Ordered: Sunday September 10th
Shipped: Monday September 11th (WOW!!)
Received: Monday September 18th

The owner is Marlese and she offers a really good customer service. My emails were replied within minutes! There is a huge sale going on right now but for her discontinued scents only, so mostly summer scents. She forgot to add samples in my order but she will add them to my next order. So for now all I can review are discontinued scents. Sorry about that!

I really like her packaging… Very trendy indeed!

So here is what I got (on cold sniff):

Body wash in Luau- Smells like butter and pineapple. Very unusual but me likey!

Soy whip body butter in L’eau d’Issey from Issey Miyake type – My favorite scent of all time! Men go banana when I wear it. It’s mostly a clean smell, a bit oceanus from TBS mixed with a very rare and exotic flower. The dupe is dead on! I can’t smell a base scent here…truly luscious. *does happy dance*

Goat milk body glaze in Pink lemonade – This scent gets a lot of raves and I understand why. It’s an amazing sugary lemon. It’s not “pledgy” nor bitter. Just wonderful! Maybe if we do a mass request, Marlese will bring back this scent next summer.

Moisturizing body mist in Kiss me please – OMG i’m in love! Why oh why is this scent being discontinued!!!????? It’s a very fruty smell, a mix of raspberry, melon and a lot of citrus with a bit of floral. The body mist is very strong too. Oh I’ll wear that tomorrow 🙂

Moisturizing hand and body lotion in satin sheets – Smells like the sheets you put in the dryer. Not impressed…

I’m very happy with my order! I like everything except “satin sheets”. The turn around time was phenomenal, the packaging is one of the best and the prices are great. Will certainly reorder in the future.

Link to Bobe bath essentials

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