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Acne skincare by Deevoo on Etsy

Are you suffering from acne? Have you tried every product out there only to mess your skin even more?

I can not tell you enough how incredibly backwards the advice of commercialized skin care is, and how most of their products only perpetuate your problems!!!

Did you know…

  • That your skin has a natural line of defense against bacteria, viruses, and contaminants called the Acid Mantle?
  • That your skin is slightly acidic, and so most soaps and cleansers will hurt the pH of your skin because they are too basic?

Heavenly Body Treats review

Heavenly Body Treats

Michelle, the owner of Heavenly Body Treats, sent me samples to try. This new etailer has a few products only but they are of an amazing quality.

If you are from outside the US, send your order by email as the site is not accepting international orders yet. Michelle is located in Delaware and the turnaround time is 3 to 5 days.

The labels are waterproof, simple and elegant.

Here are the products I’ve tried:

Elementals review part 2

Anne, the owner of Elementals was generous enough to send a box full of goodies for me to try. Here is the rest of my review:

Luxury Face Cream in Satin sheets: My sample tended to separate so I had to mix it with my finger before applying. Also, it made my face shine so I recommend it to people with serious dry skin or for mature skin. I will use the rest of my sample on my body.

My Little Black Box content and review

The Little Black Box is a box full of samples from different etailers. It goes on sale every few months for a price of 22.50$, shipping included in USA or Canada. This was the content of my box for this month:

My Little Black Box

Charssi Spoon Fudge in White chocolate-rose 2 oz. (value of 5$)
Yum this is so good! It’s a very smooth fudge that you eat with a spoon. I already ate it just after taking the picture LOL

Link to Charssi

The SweeTarts order review

The SweeTarts order

The SweeTarts is an etailer that only sells individual tarts. They are all 1.2 oz., wrapped in plastic bag and poured in a cupcake foil. As of now, they sell for $0.85 each, which is pretty cheap. The turnaround time is only a few days. The owner, Summer, has made a little mistake in choosing the kind of shipping for my order so be sure to specify exactly what you want by going on the USPS website.

Here are the tarts I ordered:

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